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About Us


Who We Are

We believe the future of our industry  must rely on mastering the basic fundamentals of dental technology, clinical restorative techniques, digital dentistry and material sciences.  The focus on education and commitment to implementing new techniques and new technologies are the key to success. Communication with clinicians, with the use of accurate clinical protocols, the use of dental photography and following detailed instructions is what makes Pinnacle Dental Laboratory a guarantee for high end fixed, removable and implant prosthetics.

Robert Sarno C.D.T. studied formally from 1993 to 1996 at the Lambeth College while completing an internship at the Royal London Hospital Department of Prosthodontics. In 1996, Robert became an RDT, specializing in removable implant prosthetics and enjoys working with Clinicians who are passionate about the industry. Mr. Sarno is involved with all aspects of the Dental Technology field and trained thoroughly in removables, implants, composites, ceramics and CAD/CAM. With his knowledge in removables and implants, he provides clear and objective feedback, working chair side with Clinicians. Specializing in the most complex removable and implant prosthodontic cases.

–Robert Sarno, C.D.T.